The Tools

Web and Mobile Development

We have tools and knowledge within Android, iOS and front-end development for web.


Creative Design Process

We focus on design for usability and utilize the latest tools within UX/UI in order to create well working front end design

System Development & Design

In order to create a well functioning mobile or web front-end, a well designed back-end system is key. We have this design knowledge.

About Us

Eliri is a Start-Up company based in Gothenburg, Sweden. We are focusing on developing web and mobile services that are missing on the market today. By focusing on a well defined market area and making the web (and/or mobile) service as well and purposely designed as possible we produce IT services that are well received on the market.

The Team

Thomas Pringle


I’ve been developing software for some of Sweden’s largest companies over the last decade and on my spare time I often pick up the guitar and try to make it sing.

Skills: Java C++ Swift JS Server/Client dev.

Martin Berg


Along with my extensive experience and passion within agile and test driven development, I have a strong passion for outdoor activities, such as hiking, sailing and climbing.

Skills: Agile Coach Lean Dev. SCRUM JAVA .NET

Daniel Flodén


Besides my passion for mountains and the ocean, I have large passion for developing new and innovative ideas into well designed products.

Skills: Front-End UX UI HTML CSS JS

The Projects

Eliri released "Boatwether" for Android and iOS 2015, a boating and weather app for the nordic region. (See link below for more info). We are currently working on a web service which will make life easier for people involved in arranging competitions of all kinds. If you are part of an arranging team for competitions, contact us for more info!